Do you eat a lot of mints?

I wish I could, but I actually can’t find a good source of Altoids here in Ottawa Canada. I would re-use Mint tins through eBay but the shipping is quite expensive, so my best source for tins at the moment is through Amazon.

Do you reuse the same container every time?

I use a new tin each time. The tin containing the painting, and the original palette is included together. It acts as documentation of the time that it was painted in.

What size and brand of brushes do you use?

I mostly use filbert brushes. I switch between Raphael Travel brushes and Princeton Velvetouch. I enjoy using the Raphael brushes for their small size and pointed ends to add sgraffito marks.

What kind of paint do you use?

I generally use Winsor & Newton, but also several other brands. It’s mostly what’s available in my home town.

What is it painted on?

I have been using Yupo paper which is a synthetic (plastic) paper. I enjoy the soft but not perfectly smooth texture. I prefer it over gessoed wood, I find the texture is too grainy for such a small surface.

How did you start painting in these tins?

I saw several artists using this format and it looked like such a convenient way to paint en plein air! My first tin that I used was a vintage tobacco tin. It really is amazing that you have everything you need within your coat pockets. I asked around with a few more well known artists about their process, and I would have to say that artists are generally more than happy to share what they have learned so that others may also enjoy creating and do their own thing.

How long does it take you to make a tiny painting?

The shortest amount of time that I was able to make a painting was around half an hour. It was the most fun I’ve ever had trying to beat sundown while balancing on a kayak! I also get lost in my work sometimes and frequently take up between 2-3 hours.